Stigma Takes Away Hope and Life (STAHL)

Jonesville United Methodist Church (JUMC) welcomes members of the recovery community and their families.

Visit our Alcoholism & Addiction Family Recovery Resource Center (AAFRRC) in our Fellowship Hall, watch the available videos, and reference additional resources all available to give you hope.


Thursday Keep it Simple 10:15 AM Al-Anon meeting – now face to face and virtual.

Please join us at the Jonesville Methodist Church 963 Main St. Clifton Park, NY in the church’s Fellowship Hall.

As the COVID-19 rules are changing, please bring a mask. Announcements about COVID-19 protocol will be made at each meeting.

If you would like to participate by Zoom please contact Phyllis M. At 757 646 1879 or

The STAHL committee consists of volunteers who are Twelve Step members, Jonesville United Methodist Church congregants, and professional consultants.

We are available to help find the resources you may require, and or locate a person in recovery who can help you reason things out. Our resource center is open 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. Here you can pick up literature, relax in the Hope reading room or simply pray for guidance in our sanctuary upstairs. The starred * members have a long term recovery, ** professionals in the field of addiction, and *** knowledgeable STAHL committee members.

STAHL Committee:

    • *Phyllis A Mullaney, STAHL Chair and Family Advocate (, 757-646-1879
    • **Robert Lindsey (, 518-580-0974
    • ***Amy Pelc 518-698-5024
    • ***P.J. Funari 518-859-6439
    • ***Carol Bates 518-371-1680
    • ***Katelyn Bradwell 469-439-4666
    • ***Cassie Lindsey 518-321-0618

Understanding Addiction and Recovery

Let us agree that no one woke up on day and decided to be an alcoholic or addict, marry an alcoholic or choose employment with an addicted boss.  Stigma places shame on those with addiction.  That imposed shame prevents millions of individuals and families from seeking and receiving help and support which they so deserve.

I believe that in this complicated world of temptations and demands that my conscious contact with God provides me with comfort and courage.  His loving Grace has helped me to understand that He expects me to do my best every day, however, some days my best will meet our expectations and other days it will disappoint both of us, but as long as it was my best it is good enough for the God of my understanding.  Because, His light is in my soul I can respond to life on life’s terms with reasonable expectations.  As a result, my life is full, happy and Blessed.

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Stigma Takes Away Hope and Life (STAHL) understanding addiction and recovery

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