Congratulations to the Eagle Scouts

Boy Scout Troop 6 is proud to announce that five scouts recently earned the honor of Eagle Scout.  A Court of Honor ceremony honoring all five Eagle Scouts was held on Sunday, August 1, at the Jonesville United Methodist Church.  Pictured are scouts Michael Roos, Aidan Sherwood, Christian Horton, Anthony Borini, and James Laing, together with Town Supervisor Phil Barrett.  A month earlier (June 27th) two additional Troop 6 scouts, Brian Weiler and Jonathan Chamberlin, also earned the rank of Eagle.

Only about 5% of scouts nationwide achieve this prestigious honor.  In fulfillment of the requirements for Eagle rank, each scout completed a service project that benefited our local community.

Please support the Scouts at Jonesville UMC

The Community Prayer Garden is under construction!  The Prayer Wall has been completed by Ian Thompson.  Checkout the Northwest corner of the church property and you will see it standing there!  It is maintenance free and solar lit!  Prayer request forms and pens will be provided.  JUMC information will be placed on the locked bulletin board, including instructions.

The second Eagle Project which includes a patio and walkway to the street has been planned.  Gavin Rueda hopes to complete it in October if the weather cooperates.

We are now fortunate to have an additional Eagle Project being planned by Tyler Morley.  He plans to build the mini-library and plant landscaping.  This part of the overall project will be completed in the spring.

Scouts working toward earning their Eagle Scout still need your support, financially. These projects are the culmination of years of dedication to the Scouts. They need some support to finish strong. Please consider donating by clicking here, and following the online instructions (other Funds -> Miscellaneous).

Checks can also be sent to the church and should note “Eagle Scout”.