Welcome Back


Worship and Sunday School Guidelines and Screening (NEW)

Safety Protocols for Children(have not changed)

The following safety protocols have been established and will be closely adhered to in order to keep our children, families, and teachers safe as we re-open on September 13.

    • All children will be spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart in their classrooms
    • Masks will be required until children are in their seat (families may choose to keep their children in masks throughout the class if desired)
    • Teachers will remain in masks throughout the duration of the class
    • No food will be provided: Children may bring their own drink/snack from home
    • No shared materials in class
    • Pre K through 2nd Grade will meet in upper room
    • Grades 3 – 5 will be in room 105
    • Parents are asked to bring their children to the appropriate room for drop off and return following the service to pick up their children

Any parents who have further questions or concerns are encouraged to reach out to Steven Cornell at stevencornellpt@hotmail.com or call 518-332-2062.


    • Temperature Checks: Temperature checks have been eliminated. We continue to urge individuals with any COVID symptoms or who are not feeling well to not attend in-person services.
    • Registrar: The registrar station has been eliminated. We do request that anyone who tests positive for COVID and who attended worship within 14 days of the positive diagnosis notify the church office immediately. If the church office receives notification that an attendee tested positive, we will use our traditional notification mechanisms (congregational email, midweek messenger, announcement in slides and from pulpit) to advise people of the situation and ask them to monitor their symptoms.
    • Entrances: All entrances are now open. We advise folks to use the hand sanitizer at the entrances.
    • Face Coverings/Masks: Full vaccinated people may choose to not wear a mask. We request that unvaccinated people and children continue to wear a mask throughout the service and when moving about the facility. We also encourage anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask to continue to do so.
    • Hymnals and other Shared Materials: Everyone is reminded to return the Hymnal after worship and to use hand sanitizer afterwards. The lack of spread of COVID from hard surfaces makes hymnal usage low-risk.
    • Communion – will continue as is until new guidance is available.