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We need volunteers each week.  Please click on the link below to sign up.

    • Ushers – 3 needed
    • Contact Tracing Registrars – 2 needed
    • Temperature Takers – 2 needed
    • Elevator Attendant – 1 needed
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We are closely following the NY Governor’s and Church Conference Guidelines. Please contact the church with any questions and leave a message. We will return messages.

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Welcome to Jonesville

  • We seek to find harmony with God, each other, ourselves, and creation by following Jesus’ example.
  • We discover community through education, service, Sunday services, and fun experiences for all ages.
  • We seek to encourage acts of love, service, and justice in our community, local and worldwide.
  • We welcome your visit and your inquiries.  If you have no faith community to call home, we invite you to participate with us and make Jonesville UMC your church home!

The Mighty Mite

“He looked up and saw rich people putting their gifts into the treasury; he also saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins. He said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them; for all of them have contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in all she had to live on.” Luke 21: 1-4

Jesus tells us that widow gave more than all the other donors, because she gave all that she had, while others gave out of their abundance. She did not wait until she had won the lottery or inherited a small fortune to give. She gave first, trusting God would take care of her needs.

God calls us to give, not out of our abundance, but out of faith. Not just our physical resources or money, but what we do with our time. Therein, we’re all on an even playing field. The richest man in the world and the poorest, humblest servant both have 24 hours at their disposal, in a day.

Perhaps you will invest an hour of worship a week on Sundays, in front of the TV or in a pew. Maybe you will sit by someone’s bedside this week and pray for them. Maybe you’ll hear about some horrific tragic happening on the news and you’ll close your eyes and say, “Please, God.” Maybe you’ll take the time at a red light to say, “Thank you, Jesus.” Maybe you’ll give up a weeknight, after you’ve worked all day and battled rush hour traffic, to sit in on a zoom call for some committee you’re on or maybe you’ll give up a Saturday morning to weed the church garden or maybe you’ll be Jesus’ hands and feet for someone, by giving someone a ride to the food pantry.

This Sunday is Laity Sunday. It is also, coincidentally, Consecration Sunday. Both highlight our giving. Where are you trusting God with your gifts?

-Vicki Vanderveen

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JUMC Outreach Mission for October is Walk to Strike Out ALS

Over the years JUMC has had a “Team” (Vawter’s Walkers) participating in the Walk to Strike out ALS. The walk this year has been changed to a “Virtual” Walk scheduled for October 17th.  The Outreach Committee has added this item to the JUMC October Monthly Mission giving to continue JUMC’s support of St. Peter’s ALS Center as they help Bob, Mary and others through their ALS journey.  You may give online as a specified Outreach or checks may also be sent to JUMC. Please designate “October mission.”

      • Take a walk with Bob and Mary in mind
      • Donate
      • Pray

If you can help, please go to the website www.jonesvilleumc.org to donate online (click on the donate now link and scroll down to JUMC outreach and enter your donation in the space provided). Checks can be sent to the church and should note “October Mission of the Month”.

Please bring your redeemable soda cans/bottles to Fellowship Hall to donate to the mission of the month. Remove the pop tops from the soda cans and save for Shriner’s Hospital. These little pop tops mount up to pounds of aluminum!

If anyone has soda cans/ bottles that they would like to have returned but are unable or do not want to bring to the church, please call Barb Phillips. She will pick them up and donate the money to the Mission of the Month. Call 518-527-8591.

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