Outreach Mission for February is CAPTAIN

If you can help Captain, please make checks payable to Jonesville UMC noting Captain on the memo line. Donations can be placed in the offering plate or buckets as you enter the sanctuary or downstairs in Fellowship Hall. You are also welcome to go to the website www.jonesvilleumc.org to donate online (click on the donate now link and scroll down to JUMC outreach and enter your donation in the space provided). Thank you for your support and prayers for the Captains Programs.

Dr. Belinda Forbes

Dr. Belinda Forbes spent years listening as God brought together all of our her gifts — including her desire to speak to God in Spanish — in her work as a dental missionary in Nicaragua. Through her work she brings hope to many. JUMC supports Dr. Forbes

Listen as Dr. Forbes shares some of what she has learned about mission work, the importance of listening more deeply, and how God sometimes calls us to do things that are very different from what we had planned or expected.

Listen for Hope: Get Your Spirit in Shape

Volunteers In Mission (VIM) 

Volunteers In Mission (VIM) is a wonderful organization of the United Methodist Church putting volunteers into Christian service where there is a need on a local, national, or international level. Past sites that members of our church have been involved at include: Vermont, Iowa, Cuba, and Nicaragua. A trip to Ireland is pending this May. The Outreach Team at Jonesville has funding available to assist members who are interested in joining a VIM project. For information on current or upcoming VIM projects visit the Upper New York Conference website at www.unyumc.org. Click on Mission & Ministry>volunteers in mission>upcoming VIM events. Many have found it to be a personal life changing event in their outlook of the world around them.

Emmaus UMC

Closer to home, the Emmaus UMC in Albany has need of volunteers to help with the upkeep and renovation of the church building. It is a beautiful old church built in 1913. It is a congregation of many nationalities – rich in culture and spirit but poor financially. It is home to the RISSE (Refugee and Immigrant Support Services of Emmaus) program which our church helps to support. Many of the refugees and immigrants that are supported by this program have been brutally traumatized in their home countries prior to settling here. RISSE meets as many of their needs as possible by way of their licensed after school program, adult English program, and assistance navigating the social networks needed to integrate into the community. Last January we were blessed to have Rifat as a guest speaker tell us about herself and her experiences at Emmaus. Click here to view the latest RISSE newsletter

Our church sponsors several local missions at Emmaus UMC each year. Please watch the Main Street Messenger for information about upcoming missions at Emmaus. Please try to keep it open for this mission opportunity in your own backyard.

Caring for Creation

As another element of our efforts to focus on preserving and protecting God’s Gifts, we have begun using recycled/compostable products for the men’s breakfast and fellowship coffee hour. As many JUMC members are aware the lifecycle of plastics is huge. Styrofoam takes about 20,000 years to degrade. That same Styrofoam cup/plate will be in the Colonie Landfill 500 years from now.

There are other problems with plastic. When certain plastics deteriorate, they release chemicals that may act as endocrine disruptors and interfere with normal hormone functioning in animals and humans. Many plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and other food containers contain bispbenol A (BPA), a compound that can leach out in small quantities and, based on animal studies, can cause reproductive and developmental abnormalities.

Products–like cutlery and cups, trash bags and take-out containers–that look like regular plastic but are one hundred percent biodegradable are available today. Leading natural food stores, including Whole Foods, offer corn-based biodegradable plastic to-go containers manufactured by NatureWorks. Some stores use both corn-based containers as well as recyclable plastic containers. Earth Fare uses recyclable #1 plastic containers for foods from the hot bar, but has corn-based containers from NatureWorks available to customers in its bulk foods department.

While there are many issues, both positive and negative, that surround the products we consume, JUMC continues to be actively engaged in the discussion.