Welcome to Jonesville Church, a United Methodist Christian community. We seek to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ through worship and outreach. To equip us we offer many opportunities for education, service, spiritual growth, and fellowship for all ages. We seek to serve the needs of our local and worldwide community and to proclaim the gospel to all near and far. We welcome your visit and your inquiries and if you have no Christian community to call home, we invite you to participate with us and make Jonesville UMC your church home!

This week @ Jonesville

April 20 -27


Easter Worship Services, 9 am and 11 am
Resurrection Brunch, 10-11 am


Office Closed


Stewardship team, 7: 15 pm


Food Pantry, 3-6 pm
Chancel Bells rehearsal, 6:50 pm
Bell Ensemble rehearsal, 7:20 pm
Chancel Choir rehearsal, 8 pm


Men's Bible study group, 6 am
Journey Through the Bible, 7 pm


Food Pantry, 8-11 am


No events scheduled


Worship Services, 8:30 and 10:30 am
Join us for Coffee Hour after each service in Fellowship Hall
Church Breakfast, 9-10 am
Sunday school, 9:30 am
No Confirmation class
Chimes rehearsal, 11:45 am
Sound System meeting, 11:45 am
MYF lunch and hike, 11:45 am
Dessert meeting, 7 pm


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Mid-Week Message

April 16, 2014
Have you ever had this experience? 

You have a friend who has a terminal illness.  Of course you help out in every way you can, with visits, meals, prayers, transportation to doctor's appointments, and so forth.  And towards the end, you are visiting your friend, when suddenly you realize that this will be the last time you see him or her.  I have had this moment of recognition several times with parishioners, friends, and family members.  In this moment you want to say something significant like, “I can't tell you how much you mean to me.”   In this moment you want to do something significant, like hold their hand, stroke their face, or kiss their cheek.

Please read this week's mid-week message from Pastor


Main Street Messenger

April 2014

Upcoming Events

Church Breakfast, Apr. 27
Clean Up-Green Up, May 3
Plant Sale, May 10